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Business Introduction

  • Precision Medical Business

  • Overview
  • Precision medicine is a technology that diagnoses pathological changes with numbers and images by analyzing DNA genetics
  • It has higher precision than blood or urine tests, and detects and prevents diseases at an early stage without having to go through biopsy

  • Business Area
  • ▶ General periodontal testing (Genetic testing): testing of periodontal diseases, cavity, halitosis, and systemic diseases
  • ▶ Precision medicine reagent kit: development of PCR devices: tuberculosis, influenza/respiratory or sexually transmitted diseases – Zika virus, malaria, dengue fever
  • ▶ Optics-bio analysis devices: periodontal bacteria analysis tools – automatic urine analysis tool – PCR (DNA reader)

  • Strong points of Precision Medicine
  • 1. 1st cash-cow item in bio industry: With core technology, it can be commercialized at the shortest time and create profits.
  • 2. Best growth potential in the industry: Precision medicine is growing at the fastest speed in the IVD market, and is expected to grow more.
  • 3. Fast development speed: Compared to drugs or in-vivo devices, it requires short R&D period and relatively easily obtain permission from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
  • 4. Potential of penetrating into emerging markets: It will be highly successful if developed focusing on disease testing in Asia – expectedly a rapidly growing region.

  • Strength of YDGLS’ Precision Medicine
  • YD’s key competitiveness is its technology and sales power.
  • Our precision medicine reagents complemented previous reagents, and have high precision and excellent sensitivity. Therefore it is expected to greatly contribute to enhancing market share in the future. YD is expanding its market with its customer base and knowhow.