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Business Introduction

  • R&D Center
  • Overview
  • YD R&D Center has been strengthening its pipelines with its talented experts in developing drugs for age-related eye diseases under the vision of “Create a value for a healthy life.” In particular, we built a wide network of experts in out of Korea to play the backbone in the new drug R&D worldwide.


  • Pipeline for New Drug Development
  • Synthetic new drug
  • YD-312 treats Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) through a mechanism of action different from that of conventional drugs. It obtained approval on Phase 2a in Apr. 2016 and has been undergoing clinical studies at 11 medical centers including Seoul Samseong Hospital since May 2017. In addition, the drug development project won a government fund in 2017.

  • Health Food
  • “Creating value for a healthy life"
  • The company aims to create value for a healthy life by providing the necessary functionalities as a customized health functional food for the individual considering the age, sex, and health condition of the whole nation by developing a functional raw material with self-developed safety and effectiveness.

  • Development Network
  • YDGLS is working around the clock to collaborate with other entities to carry out innovative studies with various medical or research centers, sharing study experiences and knowledge and all other areas that can create new values. YD’s R&D Center is cooperating with many research institutions in Korea for technology transfer, and licensing-in/out domestically and internationally. We will continue our collaboration for R&D to create new values