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  • Company History
  • YDGLS, a trend leader with its cutting-edge technology & services

  • Based on our motto of Value Creation for a Healthy Life, YDGLS is leaping forward to develop new drugs and materials in collaboration with preeminent companies, academia and research centers in Korea.

  • · DME project won government fund
    · Penetrated into molecular diagnostic DTC market
    · EasyPerio obtained patent on bacterial testing for oral diseases
    · YD312, an oral DME drug under development, won patents in U.S., Canada and Japan
    · Acquired Samil P&T (Korea’s No. 1 Abbott agent) and its transferred management authority

    · YD312 obtained Phase2 IND approval

    · Launched C’eledin, functional sports cosmetics

    · Natural drug for osteoarthritis treatment completed pre-clinical trials

    · Won approval as a periodontal disease genetic testing center

    · YD-312 won Phase 2 IND approval from Korean Ministry of Food & Drug Safety

    · Signed an agreement on technology transfer with Huons, a Korean pharm
    · YD’s EasyPerio got approval as a periodontal disease genetic testing kit from the Korean CDC

    · Signed an agreement on transfer of osteoarthritis treatment technology with Industry Academia Collaboration Center at Kyungpook National Univ.

    · Conducted clinical trials on TB diagnostic test kit

    · EasyPerio was designated as SNUDH’s one of Open Platform items

    · Korea Credit Guarantee Fund became YD’s shareholder (KRW 5,000 per share)

    · Molecular Diagnosis Div. developed periodontal disease genetic testing service

    · Korean Ministry of Science and ICT selected YD’s “Development of food and pharmaceutical composition that prevents or alleviates microgravity muscular atrophy, containing evening primrose extract and chicory extract as active ingredients” as an R&D project

    · CIPN treatment by YD and Hallym Univ. was picked for the 2nd time as a pan-governmental agencies’ R&D item

    · YD-109, an atopic dermatitis treatment cream, obtained approval on Phase2 from Ministry of Food & Drug Safety

    · Signed exclusive distributorship agreement for medical devices (sap set) (ASIA MEDICAL, JIMEDI)
    · Signed an agreement on DR technology transfer with Industry-Academia Center at Aju Univ.
    · YD’s CIPN treatment was picked for the 2nd time as a pan-governmental agencies’ R&D item
    · “Functional food for body fat reduction with cabbage extract” was picked as a project supported by Korea Institute of Planning & Evaluation for Technology of Food, Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
    · Signed an agreement on transferring technology of atopic dermatitis treatment with Industry-Academia Center at SNU
    · Held YD functional food tasting event at Nonghyup Mart
    · Relocated HQ to the industrial complex in Seongnam