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About Us

  • Greetings
  • “A Company Consisting of People Passionately Working for Development of Global New Drugs”

  • Based on its sound fiscal footing of diagnostic devices sales business, YD Global Life Science (YDGLS) has expanded its business arena to development of new drug and genetic analysis-based precision medicine to make a better world where everybody can lead a healthy life.

  • Since its foundation in 2008 with a goal of developing innovative drugs, YD has gone through trials and errors, and through tears and fights.
    We merged with Youngdong Medical Inc., a stable moneymaker in the diagnostic industry, in 2013 and acquired a 50-year-old Samil Pharmacy & Trading Inc., Korea’s No. 1 distributor of diagnostic medical equipment, in 2016, in order to self-supply R&D costs for new drugs.

    As we live as long as 100 years, value creation in health care area is becoming an ever more crucial and advanced market. This trend reflects a stark reality that firms lagging behind the current tide and failing to meet market needs will definitely fall down.
    That means the market is open only to the trailblazers who pioneer a new trend in the health care industry and create a new business area that satisfies the market and customers.
    To lead the health care industry, YDGLS is keeping a close eye on the ongoing trend in the field including disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, exerting its utmost efforts to develop cutting-edge medical technologies.

    “Fall down 100 times and stand up 101”

    There is no other saying that better describes YD’s challenging spirit than this.
  • Those who like challenges got on the same boat and have been sailing through storms.
    It is challenge-takers who ultimately win success.
    We will remain devoted to better communicating with our shareholders and customers, and creating new values in the health care industry to maximize their interests and benefits.
    Please keep supporting and advising YD so we can soar upwards.

    Thank you.